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Love me I’m cute.

08-28 - 2:25

I just came from a late night band practice and I’m going to work and I have AP history homework and AP physics homework and a credit card bill to pay and I wanna take a nap.

08-26 - 22:17


why did katy beat Beyonce, wtf, the most backwards shit happens when one direction isnt there


Next year’s vma opening act is gonna be Rihanna in the middle of the stage smoking a big ass blunt, that’s it no music no singing no nothing 


mtv why did a dried out cheesecake win over Beyoncé speak up




compliment me

barbecue sauce



skinny people mad over nicki minaj’s lyrics, please multiply your feelings by 24/7 and then u will perhaps understand a little bit what thick girls may be going thru when your bodies are the ones that are served in stores, represented, desired and glorified……you can cope with 1 song not about u…………….we can do it together. i believe in u 

so if we all could just pretend that squidward was a fireman or some guy in an ambulance, then i’m sure we could all pull together and discover what it truly means to be in a marching band


why do people assume birth control is only for women wanting to have sex/unprotected sex? birth control regulates menstruation for women with irregular periods or problems like anemia, birth control helps with cramps, it helps with other hormone related things like acne, and it helps women with endometriosis, which if left untreated can cause infertility?

why do you use the debate over birth control as a way to slut shame women?

When parents learn not to guilt their children into doing things, maybe shit will get done.

08-23 - 20:30 - 1 note


i wanna meet the male version of me 

View from Panic tonight. Damn has Brendon got some pipes on him. Best night of my life, hands down.

08-23 - 0:40